Manage Recurring Revenue

Manage Recurring Revenue

Find out how Aria can power your recurring revenue business.


Aria manages recurring revenue at scale, from accounts and customers, to charging, billing, and reporting. Processing recurring revenue is fundamentally different from traditional one-time orders, as addresses change, credit cards expire, and plan details switch between billing cycles. Manual approaches and simple subscription billing offerings won’t support recurring revenue at enterprise scale. Aria does.

Secure Payments and Charging

Processing payments securely, accurately, and consistently is an integral component of recurring revenue and monetizing recurring offerings. Aria is PCI compliant, and supports over 15 global payment processors and backup forms of payment to provide fully automated, secure, and seamless payment and charging capabilities at-scale. Aria's recurring billing platform can even update accounts to reduce card transaction failure rates and improve collectability before integrated dunning takes action.

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Secure Recurring Revenue Management
Recurring Revenue Management Software

Recurring Billing and Invoicing

Preparing invoices by manipulating spreadsheets and billing customers manually is not the way to scale recurring revenue. Aria’s agile billing process is fully automated, providing a wide array of easily adjustable invoicing options to meet your specific business and compliance needs. Aria’s recurring billing software enables you to: automate review and approval processes; identify and resolve exceptions; create custom HTML, XML, or PDF invoices and statements formatted to your specific needs; vary document formats by business unit, geography, or product line; and provide only summary data or include detailed line-item data.

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Custom Rating and Mediation

Aria’s revenue management software automates custom rating and mediation scenarios as defined by your business rules, without the need to write custom code. Why settle for a departmental billing solution that you need to extend with spreadsheets, and manual steps that require manual reviews to find errors?

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Manage Custom Recurring Revenue Models
Agile Account Management and Revenue Management

Agile Account Management

Aria's enterprise revenue billing platform lets you model and service any customer relationship, from simple entities like individual consumers, to complex corporate account hierarchies and channel relationships. Whether you're a B2B, B2C, or B2B2C company, Aria's revenue management software makes it easy to control who gets the service and who pays for the service, as well as other changes from mergers and acquisitions to parent pays and pooled usage aggregation.

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Synchronized Information

Keep customer and account information synchronized across your ecosystem without coding. Aria’s recurring billing system ensures that your customers receive the delightful experience they demand by synchronizing new orders, plans, upgrades, payments, customer changes, and more. Aria Workflow is even available to automate complex interactions and rule-based decisions.

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Synchronize Recurring Billing, Changes, Plans & More!
Integrated Dunning in Aria Revenue Management Software

Integrated Dunning

Dunning isn't just about collecting debt, it's also about managing service availability for past-due accounts and closing the door on potential revenue leakage. With Aria's recurring payment system, dunning is not an add-on or afterthought; it's an integrated and automated piece of your monetization platform.

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Recurring Revenue Recognition

Revenue recognition is different for recurring products and services. Recognized revenue doesn't match cash flow and is often achieved in small increments over extended periods of time. Aria's enterprise recurring billing software provides the capabilities and partnerships to handle both simple and complex revenue recognition, and to interact appropriately with your financial system of record.

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Enterprise Recurring Billing Software
Recurring Payment System

Simple Taxation

Aria's recurring billing software supports simple tax scenarios natively, and complex tax requirements with out-of-the-box integrations to leading tax-service providers. Wherever you do business—from sales and use tax across the thousands of U.S. jurisdictions, to VAT, GST, or the growing variety of tax options in emerging global markets—Aria has you covered.

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Monitor key performance metrics like monthly recurring revenue (MRR), retention rates, churn rates, cross-sell revenue, upsell revenue, and CLV scores. Customize reports to provide summary views of key metrics and actionable insights into your business. Get the big picture or the smallest details about your business.

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Analytics and Reporting for Your Enterprise's Recurring Billing
Connect With Vital Systems of your Enterprise

Integrations and Connectors

It's not only important that your monetization platform connects easily with the rest of your systems, it's critical. Aria connects to these vital systems that run your business with the widest range of pre-built integrations, connectors, and APIs out of the top recurring billing solutions. Aria offers over 340 APIs with connectors to Oracle, SAP, Salesforce, NetSuite, payment processors, tax processors, and more. In short, Aria makes it easy to tie together existing systems, tools, and processes.

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