Unassisted Selling

Unassisted Selling

Aria makes it easy to get the right product, plan, and pricing information on your website or e-commerce storefront to deliver exceptional customer buying experiences. Aria’s Foundation APIs make it easy to connect your shopping carts, apps, and portals to Aria so you can display the information you want customized to your preferences.

Appropriate Views - Aria makes it easy to alter what visitors see. New customers can see the plans available to them. Returning customers can see the plans available based on the plan(s) they currently have. Plans can be bundled or have dependencies validated in real-time based on geography, currency, payment type, channel, or any other identifiable information.

Current Views - Change your product catalog and release it to the world. All your websites, storefronts, and third-party systems accessing Aria will get the updated plans and pricing. No more coding and recoding every API call or web design to reflect the change; it’s automatic. Promotions becomes easy to launch and manage as well, with offers for the first 500 customers counted centrally in Aria so logic does not need to be built into multiple websites.


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