Powerful Promotions

Powerful Promotions

Promotional offers should be easy to create or update and should never require hard coding into your eCommerce site. Aria makes promotions easy to create, manage, and deliver.

Create promotional offers for any existing product, bundle, or plan, or build new bundles or plans for specific promotional offers. Create discounts and coupons for any product, service, or package using Aria’s patent-pending Discount Rules Engine (DRE).

The powerful user interface of Aria’s DRE allows you to create discount or coupon offers that can apply to any product or service, any group of services, or even an entire product line. Create discounts that can be applied to specific geographies, market segments, or even individual customer accounts.

Create promotions for a limited period of time, a limited number of customers (e.g., the first 10,000 to respond), or with no limitations at all. Create global offers or target your promotions to specific geographies, market segments, or account groups. Offer promotional pricing for a single product, or extend the promotion across entire product lines.

Promotions in Aria are scalable across millions of accounts and unlimited product offerings. It’s all fully integrated with Aria’s agile account management and seamless service activation processes, making it simple for your customers to choose and activate promotional options or redeem discount coupons.


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