Dynamic Catalog

Dynamic Product Catalog

You create and manage your products, services, bundles and price plans in Aria’s dynamic product catalog to acquire the customers you want and beat your competition.

Get Productive

Create the products, services, bundles, fees, and price plans you need in Aria’s product catalog. Associate bundles and price plans with specific geographies, currencies, or market segments. Build simple or complex product hierarchies, define freemium offerings, free trials, or bronze, silver, and gold plans and more. Take advantage of Aria’s pricing flexibility to create multiple packages that appeal to different target markets ─ do all of this without involving your IT team.

Get Creative

Iterate your offerings as fast as you like. Test and validate your product offerings and pricing in hours and days, not weeks and months. Changes to your product catalog can be instantly reflected on your e-commerce and self-service sites, making global launches easier than you thought possible.

Ultimate Flexibility

Aria’s product catalog can be your system of record, or you can take advantage of Aria Active Orchestration to synchronize with other systems: any change to one will be reflected in the other. The Aria native connector for Salesforce.com puts your published catalog in the hands of your sales and CSR teams so they can conveniently access the same product options available on your website or self-service sites within Salesforce.com.


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