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Integration is Key for Successful Recurring Revenue Management, Says Aria e-Paper

Disrupt Your Market Without Disrupting Your Business - Learn Why the Right Recurring Revenue Management System Should Support Existing Systems and Processes .San Francisco, CA – Feb 11, 2014– With more industries expanding their business models to include recurring revenue options, top-level managers that want to create or keep a competitive advantage are faced with logistical system integration questions and concerns that might slow down or prevent a smooth transition to supporting these new revenue streams. They realize that recurring revenue businesses built on subscriptions, tiered, freemium or pay-as-you-go models demand capabilities that their existing systems may not have been designed to accommodate. Recurring revenue management expert Aria Systems offers strategic advice on how to get the most benefit from existing systems when buying and integrating a recurring revenue solution in its latest e-paper, “Recurring Revenue: Why Integrating with Existing Systems is Key to Success.” This valuable e-paper is available free of charge to interested businesses at Aria’s website.

“Recurring revenue is transforming markets everywhere,” said Jon Gettinger, senior vice president of marketing at Aria Systems. “This transformation sets up the opportunity to disrupt a marketplace. However, existing business systems may not always be fully prepared to handle this transformation.”

Gettinger said Aria’s latest e-paper covers some of the challenges to overcome in adding a recurring revenue management system to business systems already in place. In addition, it presents some of the additional functionality new recurring revenue businesses will need.

“It’s important to leverage existing systems to lessen the disruptions to overall business operations,” Gettinger observed. “Managers must move forward without interrupting established systems such as finance and accounting that have made the business successful in the first place. In many instances, the business is still paying for these systems, so total cost-of-ownership is an important consideration when buying a recurring revenue management solution.”

The e-paper also provides a list of twelve questions that should be examined before making a final decision on a recurring revenue management solution. Once the questions have been considered, the manager will have a good understanding of the correct recurring revenue management system to purchase.

“If you put in the right system, you can disrupt your market without disrupting your business,” Gettinger observed. “And that is what recurring revenue is all about.”

Disrupt Your Market Without Disrupting Your Business - Learn Why the Right Recurring Revenue Management System Should Support Existing Systems and Processes .

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