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Aria Systems Announces Release of New ‘How-to’ Guide on Recurring Revenue Innovation

Becoming a recurring revenue innovatorSan Francisco, California – May 20, 2014Aria Systems, the leading innovator in recurring revenue management, today released the latest addition to its popular series of educational e-papers, Becoming a Recurring Revenue Innovator: A “How-to” Guide . The guide shows companies how to take advantage of technology innovations and changes in consumer preferences to create recurring revenue streams for their business. The e-paper is available free of charge at Aria’s website.

“Businesses focused on seeking an advantage over competitors by offering new products and new services may be overlooking an opportunity,” said Jon Gettinger, SVP of Marketing, Aria Systems. “They neglect to ask if there’s a better way to package and deliver their current offerings. One way to gain competitive advantage is to offer them on a subscription or pay-as-you-go usage basis−which offers significant customer benefits.”

For the first time anywhere, this 11-page guide provides businesses with the eight most effective ways to leverage new consumer preferences, such as paying-to-use rather than paying-to-own, and the latest technical innovations and industry examples using cloud computing, software-as-a-service (SaaS), and machine-to-machine (M2M) communications.

In the book, readers learn the recipe for success to:

  • Identify their products and services best suited for the subscription or pay-as-you-go model
  • Create pricing and value bundles for different types of customers and usage
  • Troubleshoot technology challenges such as delivery, billing, and customer care
  • Get a compelling and effective marketing plan up and running before competitors do
  • Use analytics to quickly meet customer needs and adapt to changing preferences

Tapping into this new wave of innovation is a simple concept, but it can be challenging to execute and sustain over a long period of time. The authors have simplified and streamlined the process of building a recurring revenue model by focusing on the critical factors for success. For each of the eight strategies, they lay out the salient tactics and some key points for navigating around obstacles. They present targeted questions that help businesses assess their products, services, customers, competitors, and current business capabilities. Peppered throughout are real-life examples of companies that have pioneered and mastered these elements.

“It used to be that innovation was all about creating the next great thing,” said Gettinger. “But today, innovation is accelerating on a new front: monetization of products and services. To do this businesses must improve their ability to build and nurture long-term customer relationships.”

Companies like Netflix and HootSuite have disrupted or created their markets by creating new distribution models;, growing revenues, and building shareholder value in the process. This how-to guide shows businesses how to join them.

To learn first-hand how you too can use a recurring revenue model to increase your bottom line while adding to your customer base, download “Becoming a Recurring Revenue Innovator: A 'How-To' Guide".


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