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Maximizing Customer Lifetime Value, Fueling Growth

Aria was founded on the simple but powerful notion that cloud billing holds the key to long-term business growth and lasting customer satisfaction. Our company helps businesses around the globe effectively monetize their products and services and efficiently engage and serve their customers. We do it all via our cloud-based monetization platform, which goes beyond basic billing to manage recurring revenue over the lifetime of the customer relationship.

Aria is purpose-built to deliver unlimited monetization opportunities, maximize returns from every customer event (or “revenue moment”) including billing, provisioning, and servicing of products), and accelerate your time-to-market. With Aria you will better serve your customers because we enable the fastest innovation of pricing and packaging in the industry.

Aria provides the only cloud-based platform that is both robust and scalable enough to help enterprises seize new market opportunities and meet customer demands by rapidly deploying monetization models and quickly delivering new plans and packages.

The result? Better product offerings, more packaging options, fewer missed opportunities, improved customer service, and increased satisfaction that all support revenue growth and maximize customer lifetime value.

From Cloud Billing to Unlimited Monetization

Aria founders Brendan O’Brien and Edward Sullivan set out to find better ways for online companies to bill for their products and services. Their unique, insider experience with the Dot-com crash gave them insight into critical success factors for online companies. They surmised that a key reason many online companies ran aground had less to do with the services provided than with the way those services were billed.

Brendan and Edward saw a large and growing category—billing software—that was stuck in an old model. Existing software did not have the dexterity to effectively manage usage or subscription-based services in response to skyrocketing customer expectations. The billing systems were not a good fit for businesses delivering on-demand, SaaS solutions.

Ironically, billing was inhibiting opportunity and growth instead of enabling it.

What’s more, the rush to recurring billing was growing far beyond telecommunications to every corner of the economy: media, software, consumer goods and services firms. Enter the expanded capabilities of next-generation SaaS technologies, providing an opportunity for a more powerful and more affordable billing system. From there, our founders invented cloud-based billing and Aria Systems was born. Since then, the business world has exploded with nearly unlimited ways to monetize any offering. Today, Aria provides the most comprehensive, flexible, and efficient cloud-based monetization platform available on the market.

Committed to Repeatable Enterprise Success

Aria has worked with some of the world’s most demanding enterprises—including Constant Contact, Philips, and PitneyBowes—helping them grow beyond basic billing capabilities to better monetize their products and more efficiently serve their customers.

Aria helps these diverse enterprises manage and leverage the recurring revenue opportunities in front of them, wherever and whenever they arise. With Aria, our clients have a monetization platform that was designed to meet the goals of the entire enterprise, as opposed to a billing system built for a single department’s reporting and documentation needs. Companies have a monetization platform to help master their markets and delight their customers.

Backed by Trusted Domain Experts

Behind everything Aria does are some of the brightest domain specialists you’ll find anywhere. Aria was founded by the creators of cloud billing and is currently led by sought-after thought leaders and domain experts who use their experience to make every new client engagement a success.

At Aria, we stand by our customers every step of the way. From the onset, we partner with you to ensure that you meet your implementation goals and deadlines. We don’t declare success at the signing of the contract, but when you “go live” and can start your recurring revenue business or initiative.

Our people are the reason we can get you live and running when others can’t. It doesn’t stop there. Our commitment continues to provide you with advice and support so you can meet the ongoing needs of your business.

We are backed by leading investors like Hummer Winblad, InterWest, Bain Capital and Venrock, who all support Aria Systems with their reputation, funds, and advice. The world’s most demanding brands have put their confidence in our solutions. We work every day to build upon that trust.


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Discover what Aria can do for you.

Aria provides a cloud-based monetization platform for subscription- and usage-based businesses. Aria removes billing bottlenecks and allows companies to rapidly introduce and evolve their offerings, bundles, and promotions.

Only Aria provides speed and agility at scale in the cloud, delivers actionable customer insights, and empowers business users with direct control to better monetize their offerings.

Innovative companies, like Adobe, Audi, Pitney Bowes and Roku, depend on Aria for agility to accelerate their time to revenue, maximize customer value, and ultimately grow their business.