Yumvelope delivers full-sized health treats every month

As obesity becomes more of a problem in the United States, a lot of people are looking to change their ways and consume healthier food. Since turning over a new leaf requires people to step out of the box and try new things, many don’t know where to begin, which is leading to the proliferation of subscription services offering health food products.

Yumvelope, for example, offers its subscribers some of the tastiest, freshest and most natural treats on the market for a fraction of the price the items would cost in a health retail store. By using a padded envelope provided by the U.S. Postal Service, Yumvelope is able to deliver multiple items to customers without worrying about them being ruined during travel.

Unlike other sample box subscription services, Yumvelope sends a minimum of six full-sized products and provides a free refund if customers don’t like any of the handpicked items in the package. Furthermore, each shipment comes with promotional codes for every snack, allowing individuals to reorder their favorite foods in the future at a discounted price.

Yumvelope offers several subscription models to choose from, including a $21 month-to-month recurring payment plan, a three-month program for the same price or a one-year subscription for $19 a month.

“This box was a home run for me. When I [opened] the Yumvelope, I [felt] like the things inside of it could have been picked out just for me,” one customer told Yumvelope. “I subscribe to a handful of subscription boxes and I definitely do not always feel that way!”

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