Your Guide to Recurring Revenue Management Transformation

Companies like Uber, Netflix, and Salesforce have destroyed the competition and built billion dollar valuations by incorporating a recurring revenue business model. We live in an on-demand world where both business buyers and consumers expect immediate gratification and 24/7 access to products and services. The universality of the Internet and rapid proliferation of devices have changed the way we purchase and consume, and most businesses are only just beginning to understand what this on-demand world means to their billing, packaging, pricing, promotion, delivery, and product support.

So how does a business thrive in this new on-demand, Internet-powered environment? Download Recurring Revenue Management for Dummies to learn how take advantage of the on-demand Internet-fueled revolution. The eBook covers:

  • The complexity and benefit of recurring revenue management
  • Picking the right recurring revenue model
  • Choosing pricing tactics for products and services
  • Evaluating an effective RRM solution
  • Identifying RRM service qualities

Recurring revenue management (RRM) solutions go far beyond basic billing, invoicing, and collections with benefits that include: growing recurring revenues, greater customer satisfaction, faster order-to-cash, reduced operational costs, and decreased security and compliance risk.

Today, speed and agility are held at a premium – companies that move quickly to transform themselves into recurring revenue businesses will rapidly grow market share and trump the competition. Recurring revenue is a huge opportunity to leverage billing systems, disrupt markets, and drive new revenue growth in and across industries.

Download the eBook today and take the first step in your move from billing to monetization.