Women changing TV viewing demographics, study suggests

A common stereotype in the United States is that men are the primary TV watchers. However, a new study by The NPD Group revealed that women are quickly changing this perception, especially as subscription services and online video services continue to surface.

The report found that while men are still more often aware of technological changes and emerging services, women are beginning to embrace television streaming more wholeheartedly. Although women account for only a third of the market for purchased video through electronic sell-through (EST) services like iTunes and Vudu, they make up roughly 44 percent of the subscription video market, which includes companies like Netflix. Women also make up more than half of subscribers to free TV services like Hulu.

“An important lesson for distributors of home video can be also be found in this data: namely, that women age 13 to 24 were twice as likely on average to also purchase movies and TV shows using EST – even more than their male counterparts,” said Russ Crupnick, senior vice president at NPD. “These findings highlight the fact that young women represent a valuable target for distributors who are looking to energize advertising-supported programming or digital ownership.”

Analysts also said the popularity of video subscription services among women is growing because service providers are customizing content to appeal to the female demographic.

This suggests that subscription services in other industries may benefit from deploying similar strategies. By leveraging an innovative subscription management platform, for example, decision-makers can gather real-time insight into customer activity and quickly make changes to keep clients happy and coming back for more.