Who Ever Thought Billing Would Have Anything To Do With Making Customers Happy?

Aria Systems’ “Happier Customers” press release dropped Monday, here is the San Francisco Chronicle pick-up. We have to pause, perhaps even laugh, at the idea that billing would have anything to do with making customers happier. After all, who enjoys getting a bill? But, as we have come to learn working here at Aria Systems, it’s true.

For as long as we can all remember, billing has been the most boring of back- office functions.  A necessary but otherwise innocuous step in the revenue supply chain.  Well folks, we have entered a new age characterized by an increased focus on customer satisfaction. With so much information available at one’s fingertips, the balance of power has shifted from the vendor to the customer. Today’s customers are better informed, more demanding and less loyal. Businesses that don’t factor that into their offerings are toast.

What does this mean for the billing process? Well one way to achieve customer satisfaction is by determining the right offer at the right price and that means “adjusting” billing.  How much time does it take to make that adjustment?  One buyer we spoke with told us that it takes them about 18 months. How can you innovate in that situation? Well, you can’t.

Flexibility was at the top of our minds when we designed Aria Systems’ platform. Offerings with different prices, can all be in effect within 24 hours without having to involve IT in the process.  This means even a very large business can experiment with pricing and packaging different offerings. And so the bill that goes with something that a customer truly wants can potentially make a customer happy. Who knew?

Marie Martin, Aria Systems

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