This Week in Monetization – March 10, 2017

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Happy Friday! Daylight saving time starts this weekend so we’ll lose an hour of sleep, but the longer days are a welcome change after a long, dark, and wet winter. Speaking of changing times, this week we’ll see connected cars racing to the top of the IoT pack, YouTube clicking over to the TV business, Chevrolet giving its cars a data boost, and the cost of security breaches in the Verizon-Yahoo deal.

Connected Cars in the IoT pole position

In the early days of IoT, it looked like growth would be led by connected household gadgets. Smart home services would keep the temp just right, turn the lights on, and let us keep an eye on our pets (and more importantly, teenagers) while we’re at work. Now all eyes are on what’s in the garage. Cisco was quick to take the wheel, and now its cloud-based IoT platform Jasper is powering nearly every connected car in the world. “Our largest vertical is the connected car market,” Jasper MD for Cisco ANZ Tom Fisher told ZDNet. “It’s an absolutely huge growth market for us.”

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Change the channel to YouTube

People already watch far more content on YouTube than traditional TV. One billion hours of YouTube content is watched each day, and it’s not just cat videos anymore. Google launched YouTube TV last week, which will cost $35 a month and offer access to content from broadcast networks as well as YouTube. You’ll now be able to watch shows from over 40 networks including ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC, as well as Bravo, FX, ESPN and Fox Sports. The kitty videos will still be there too, only without the ads.

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The cost of a security breach

Yahoo!’s bumbled handling of a December security breach that exposed personal user data of 500 million customer accounts will cost it millions. Verizon Communications Inc. is close to a renegotiated deal for Yahoo! Inc.’s internet properties that would reduce the price of the $4.8 billion agreement by about $250 million—or about 50 cents per user affected by the attack. Yahoo Chief Executive Officer Marissa Mayer will get hit hard by the breach as well, losing over $12 million in equity grants for her role in mishandling the hack. An investigation concluded Yahoo’s legal team had “sufficient information” to investigate the hack in 2014, but did not “sufficiently” look into the issue. Just a friendly (and costly) reminder that securing your customer data must always be top-of-mind.

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The drive for unlimited data

All the major mobile carriers are or will be offering unlimited data plans after a long hiatus. In the race to be the most connected automaker, General Motors is jumping into the fray and offering unlimited 4G data in its Chevrolet vehicles. The automaker has partnered with AT&T to provide the data juice, which will only cost $20 per month. For less than it costs to top up the tank—and considerably less than it costs to get unlimited data on your phone plan—any car in the U.S. equipped with an OnStar 4G WiFi hot spot gets as much data as they want. Looks like you’ll be streaming a lot more movies from the car—just not while you’re driving, OK?

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