This Week in Monetization – February 10

Happy Friday! Kick your shoes off, put your feet up on the desk, and throw some fish in the office microwave so people will actually hope you leave early! Just kidding, cooking fish in the office micro is never cool. I’m bringing this up because we’re about to talk about the importance of sharing and collaboration!

This week, we’ll see why automakers need to learn how to share, how mobile companies are teaming up to beat the bad guys, and why the EU wants the world to sing in harmony about the IoT.

Automakers must learn to share

Collaboration is not something that automakers have traditionally been very good at or cared about. It is coming in vogue now, though, with Toyota licensing its Synergy Hybrid Drive technology and Tesla open-sourcing its technology. But Fiat-Chrysler’s Global Head of Design Ralph Gilles thinks that developing feasible autonomous car technology will take unprecedented collaboration in the industry. See, sharing is good! Except when it comes to French fries. Get your own fries, you can’t have mine!


Can the dynamic trio beat the IoT bad guys?

BAM! BIFF! POW! AT&T, IBM, and Nokia are teaming up to beat up on the IoT bad guys that threaten all that is good and wholesome in our connected utopia. As it stands today, the IoT is incredibly vulnerable to attacks, and it’s going to take teamwork to defend it in the future. The IoT Cybersecurity Alliance, formed Wednesday, also includes IBM, Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, and mobile security company Trustonic. The group said it won’t set standards, but will conduct research, educate consumers and businesses, and influence standards and policies. It won’t make a blockbuster summer action movie, but this group of industry superheroes could well save the IoT.


The EU wants you! (To help make the IoT work)

The IoT is supposed to be about connecting things and people, but we are not so great at it yet. In the race to be first to market, collaboration and standards are taking a backseat, even within companies. The EU has established a commission with PricewaterhouseCoopers to be the industry’s mom and encourage everyone to share. OK, it’s more complicated than that, but Aria’s own Co-founder and CIO was invited to the first panel to help them figure it out.