This Week in Monetization – April 21, 2017

It’s the day you’ve all been waiting for—Friday! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the kids are still bouncing off the freaking walls from all the Easter candy. During this fine week, Amazon and Oracle get into a tussle, Wall Street places Tesla above General Motors, and the IoT shows its not-so-smart side.

AWS and Oracle exchange blows

Two months ago, Oracle co-CEO Mark Hurd took a swipe at Amazon’s cloud infrastructure, calling it “old.” At this week’s AWS Summit in San Francisco, Amazon Web Services chief Andy Jassy swung back at Oracle for locking customers into painfully long and expensive contracts. “People are very sensitive about being locked in given the experience they’ve had the last 10 to 15 years,” Jassy said on stage at the AWS Summit on Wednesday. “When you look at cloud, it’s nothing like being locked into Oracle.” OH, SNAP. We’re not going to argue with Jassy’s statement, so we’ll just watch as these two duke it out for now.

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Is Tesla worth more than GM?

It’s no secret: Wall Street loves a good startup. Absurd valuations are frequently assigned to companies that have never turned a profit, while steady-growth enterprises are dismissed. It’s no different for automotive companies on the exchange. Tesla briefly became the most valuable U.S. car company this week with a market cap of $51.2 billion to GM’s $51.50. The Big Three has faced significant trouble in the last decade, but also mounted incredible comebacks, highlighting their resiliency. Don’t get me wrong, Tesla is driving innovation in the connected car space big time, but it’s been profitable for exactly two quarters. Is Tesla a unicorn or the real McCoy?

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The IoT isn’t always that smart

We love to talk about how awesome the IoT is around here. With a potential market of a trillion dollars by 2030, it deserves all the ballyhooing. But, let’s face it, not everything needs to be connected. I don’t think that I’m being a Luddite when I say that connected toasters and water bottles that tell you to drink water are not only unnecessary but totally lame. I will call out Gizmodo for getting one thing wrong in this list—the connected garage door app is a freaking awesome idea. Who hasn’t driven miles back the house after stressing out about forgetting to close the garage door? Otherwise, this listicle is on point.

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