Walmart launches monthly subscription food service

As subscription commerce continues to garner attention across the United States, companies from a number of industries are trying to get a piece of the pie. Walmart, for example, recently announced a new subscription service aimed to provide consumers with high-quality food for low, monthly recurring payments.

Walmart’s program is called Goodies and costs $7 a month. By subscribing to the service, individuals will receive a gift box containing five to eight handpicked samples, ranging from organic and ethnic foods to everyday snacks.

“We continue to experiment with new offerings to delight our customers and leave them with a smile,” said Ravi Raj of @WalmartLabs. “With Goodies Co., subscribers have the pleasure of opening a box filled with delicious treats every month that they like or may never have tried before.”

The cost savings associated with signing up for Goodies will likely act as a major driver for the service, as all the items in the November box, for example, would cost $15 if bought in the store. The $7 cost for Goodies means consumers can cut their spending habits in half.

A separate report by the Associated Press noted that Goodies will likely experience success because of the variety of monthly packages.

“[A subscriptions is] a good model if there’s an element of discovery,” said Sucharita Mulpuru, a Forrester Research analyst, according to the Associated Press.

As the success of subscription services becomes more well known throughout the private sector, other companies will likely launch offerings similar to Walmart’s Goodies program. If decision-makers want to remain on pace with their respective industries, they should consider implementing an innovative subscription management platform, which will provide executives with key insight into everyday subscriber activity and introduce new opportunities to gain a competitive advantage.

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