[Video]: The New Blueprint for a High Performance Digital Company

There’s a new revolution coming, but not everyone is ready for it.

Christian Kelly, Accenture’s Managing Director, joined as a speaker at Monetize 2015, Aria’s global user conference on recurring revenue and monetization. His session, titled “The New Blueprint for a High Performance Digital Company” highlighted the new blueprint necessary for businesses to excel and achieve success in the new digital age. His presentation covered the following topics:

  • The definition of digital
  • The changing customer experience
  • Why traditional approaches are broken
  • Characteristics of the digital operating model
  • Productizing IT
  • The blueprint for success in the new digital business

Check out Christian’s session below and see if your company is ready for the digital revolution.

The truth is, everyone believes that digital business is coming fast. Yet despite the majority of executives that believe in the digital revolution, there is a huge discontinuity in actions that prepare for it. 62% believe digital will drive major industry change, but only 30% of major business processes have been digitized. More than half expect digital to cause significant or complete transformation change, but only 30% believe there is a need for cross-functional cooperation. And while 63% fear losing customers if they don’t embrace digital, only 1/3 have underlying technology in place that focuses on the end-to-end customer experience.

The statistics are scary. How can so many executives believe that digital will have such a large impact on business, yet few are ready to understand its implications and implement or create procedures that will ensure not only survival, but achieve long-term success. Take it from Christian, a new blueprint is exactly what companies need.