[Video]: Monetizing Your IoT Initiatives – Interview with Brendan O’Brien

For years, conversation about the Internet of Things (IoT) and monetization were treated as just that – conversations about future possibilities with no actual plan put in place to move the conversation forward. But time’s are changing and people are starting to really catch on. Aria Systems’ co-founder Brendan O’Brien has long been an advocate for and pioneer of IoT’s and monetization’s place in the the enterprise and is thrilled that people are finally thinking about monetizing IoT initiatives.

In this video, Brendan sits down with SYS-CON while at Cloud Expo in NYC earlier this month to talk about IoT and monetization’s increasing popularity in the industry. “A lot of IoT projects in a lot of enterprises have been treated like skunkworks for a while, and we have finally started to cross that threshold where they are considered to be a critical part of an enterprise’s strategy,” Brendan says.

The increased focus on these subjects is not the result of some new, radical technology. In reality, we’re talking about IoT because lots of existing technology has become ‘commodotizable’ and accessible. We live in the age of services where we offer “everything as a service”. There are great benefits to a service-based world – it increases the ability to incorporate recurring revenue models, but there is also the pressure of maintaining attractiveness to your customers so you aren’t replaced with the next “everything as a service” offering.

SYS-CON’s interview with Brendan dives into IoT and monetization in today’s service driven world. His expert insight is worth six minutes of your time, as you’ll learn:

  • How monetization dovetails with IoT and Big Data
  • Why customer insight is imperative to gaining the advantage in hyper competitive markets
  • Why usage and consumption data is key to monetization, agility, and increased revenue streams
  • How Aria helps enterprises save time and money by removing engineering resources from the act of pricing and packaging products

Check out the video below.