Vacationing Over the 4th in the Age of IOT

Vacationing Over the 4th in the Age of IOT

As our nation’s birthday and our anticipated long weekend approaches, all I can think of is my San Diego vacation full of beaches, burgers, and surf boards.

As the new marketing intern at Aria, I’ve also dived into an obsession with the possibilities of IoT. As the name suggests, and simply I add, the “Internet of Things” (IoT) represents an incredible opportunity to connect not only computing devices, but everyday things. The goal of IoT seems to be converting our traditional products into smarter versions of themselves, sending them to college and forcing them to use their brains in order to make our lives more efficient.

I can’t help but be interested in what the IoT phenomenon really means for consumers, business, and how different our everyday lives will be when IoT technology is in full swing.

So what does IoT have to do with this weekend’s Fourth of July vacation? As some of you pack your swimsuits and American flag-printed apparel and run off to various destinations around the country to celebrate, might I ask who will be taking care of your house? Most of us will woefully answer “No one”.

Plus, if any of you are like me, remembering to leave the house in “vacation mode” as we rush to the airport is not always as successful as we would like. But even with the IoT technology currently available, accidentally leaving the iron, bathroom light and air conditioning on is no longer a problem. I don’t have to pay a neighbor to house-sit or worry that the back door is unlocked. I can be in complete control of my house and my vacation even when I am hundreds of miles away.

In my perfect IoT world, I would be sitting in my Uber car daydreaming of the sandy beaches and fireworks ahead all while virtually turning off my lights, unplugging my iron and downloading my mobile boarding pass on my smart phone. And when I become weary of the safety of my house while I wait for my hot dog to finish cooking, my virtual home security app will ensure that my home is perfectly fine and awaiting my return.

Welcome to stress-free vacationing and the better world of IoT. And perhaps on next year’s Fourth of July, when asked “Who will be taking care of your house while you’re away” we will all proudly and confidently say “I AM.”

Paisley Parker