Unilever leverages Facebook subscriptions to bring water to the needy

In an attempt to bring clean drinking water to people in need, Unilever recently unveiled its Waterworks Facebook application, which takes advantage of the social network’s new subscription service model. By using the Timeline feature on Facebook, subscribers can sign up for $0.10 to $1.00 daily donations, according to a report by Inside Facebook.

Subscribers are also paired up with “Waterworkers,” the women located in poor communities around the world who deliver fresh water to less-fortunate communities. Each Waterworker has a mobile phone she can use to share stories, photos and videos with subscribers that will show up on the Facebook user’s app and notifications, the news source said. The stories can also be published on the news feed.

The application developer, Betapond, said Facebook will only take 5 percent of all transaction fees instead of its usual 30 percent, Inside Facebook reported.

This announcement is further evidence of the growing number of companies that are leveraging subscription commerce models to offer innovative products and services.