More Traits of Recurring Revenue Innovators

We spent months researching the public sphere, a.k.a. the Internet, for our recurring revenue innovators’ e-book (Two editions are out so far).

Recurring Revenue Innovators (Part 1) Learn How these Global Giants achieved Big Payoffs with Creative Recurring Revenue Strategies RR-Innovators-emerging-leaders-040914

The goal was to find at least 20 companies that had used the various recurring revenue models in interesting, creative and successful ways − all in the name of providing the marketplace with some real-world case studies.

So, after spending a few months on this project, we shared common traits of these successful recurring revenue innovators. Of the many traits they shared we decided on creative, daring, market-aware, savvy, etc. You can see all 10 common traits in this slide share titled, “10 Ways to Become a Recurring Revenue Innovator.”

But after we published these traits, I kept thinking about the traits that we didn’t include. Though I am guilty of talking too much, I am a great fan of distillation and not saying more than need be said. I really believe it’s an art to edit copy down to its basic essentials.

In this case, I kept wondering if we had chosen the correct traits for the list of 10. So why am I still thinking about that list and wondering about the traits that didn’t make the slide share? Because I think the following list of the other traits that didn’t make the final cut are still hugely important:

  • Different – Introduce products and services that are different. If not truly one-of-a-kind.
  • Decisive – Don’t hesitate. Getting to market, often quickly, is key to success.
  • Excellent – Strive for “excellence” when serving a customer or delivering a product can make all the difference.
  • Opportunistic – Don’t hesitate to take advantage of opportunities uncovered along the way.
  • Unrelenting – Never stop trying to improve how you do things. Day in and day out.
  • Strive – Never stop figuring out ways that will get inspire your customers to give unsolicited, positive accolades.

How’s that for getting to the point? Nuf said.

Marie Martin, Aria Systems