This Week in Monetization – #MWC17 Edition

Aria Monetization

Happy Friday! Whether you are hitting the slopes or doing something more staycation-y this weekend, mobile tech will probably make it better. Some lucky Aria folks were at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week, so we all have mobile on our minds.

At MWC, Ford dropped some futuristic delivery services on our doorstep while Nokia kicked it old school with a retro phone reboot, AT&T looks to drive connectivity with cars, and Peugeot puts the sexy back in the autonomous car.

Ford delivers the drones

With services like Amazon Prime Now and Google Express, you can already get goods from the grocery store at your door in just a couple of hours. Ford is looking to up the delivery-on-demand game with self-driving delivery concept called Autolivery, which it unveiled at MWC17 this week. Ford seems to be envisioning a future where we can binge watch all shows forever without ever leaving the house for food and beer. Watch the video to see what your never-stepping-foot-into-a-store future looks like.

Nokia’s retro relaunch

Nokia is working hard to relaunch its phone brand, and it’s taking the nostalgia route with a reboot of the venerable Nokia 3310 handset. It was the first mass-market mobile phone and it introduced many a Gen-Xer to the cell phone. It was easy to use, well-designed, and inexpensive. Above all, it was damn near indestructible. You could throw it across the street then pick it up and make a call—and I swear I am not making this up—I used to pop open beers with mine. Go ahead and try to open a Corona with your iPhone, but schedule an appointment at the Genius Bar first.


Connecting the world with cars

Since Ford launched the Model T in 1908, cars have been connecting us. AT&T is looking to continue that trend, even when we are no longer driving ourselves around. At MWC, AT&T announced the Bridge Alliance, which consists of a group of Asia-Pacific, Middle Eastern, and African carriers that have pledged to help streamline global deployments of connected car technology. AT&T said the initiative will help it bring services like WiFi hotspots, internet radio, and live traffic reporting to markets where automotive manufacturers have traditionally had difficulty implementing them. How much good this will do when we’re all house-bound and Ford is delivering all our needs on-demand, who knows.


Peugeot makes sexy synonymous with autonomous

Google’s dorky Waymo self-driving car does not give much for gearheads to look forward to. Generally, if you’re into cars, the day the autonomous vehicle take over is the start of a disastrous dystopian future where we can no longer drive for fun or pleasure. To add insult to injury, we’ll be shuttled around in slow, lame little bubbles that look like nerdy robot pandas. But leave it to the French to give us some sexy, sexy hope. While it might still drive itself (BORING) the Peugeot Instinct concept car is a shooting-brake style sports car that looks a bit like the Ferarri FF. Better yet, it has a deployable steering wheel and gas pedal so the rebel driver-types can take over and go for a good old-fashioned spin. No word on whether or not it will let you snap donuts or do smoky burnouts in the Future-Bell drive thru.