This Week in Monetization – Groundhog Day Edition

Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow this week, dooming us to another six weeks of winter. Since you have at least another month of being cold and damp, grab a hot cup of tea and warm up to the latest in recurring reve-news. This week we’ll see how Rolls Royce is heating up the autonomous hyper-luxury game, why Dropbox is snuggling up in deep enterprise pockets, and how the EU plans on firing up the IoT. Grab a blanket, hunker down, and read on!

Don’t tell Jeeves

But Rolls-Royce wants to make your driver obsolete, and they’re going to do it in style. For those that prefer to be driven over driving, there is no substitute for a Roller—anything less is just plebian. Rolls-Royce plans on keeping it that way even when nobody has to drive anymore. Behold Eleanor, aka the 103EX Vision 100 concept car.

“She [Eleanor] will look after you,” said Ian Robertson, a BMW board member who once ran the Rolls-Royce division, and who remains close to the brand. “She will determine what your mood is like today, and then change the way the car drives, change the ambiance inside of it, maybe change the music.” Undoubtedly, the services she provides will not be free, taking recurring revenue from connected car services to a whole new level.

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Dropbox packs up enterprise revenue

Dropbox isn’t about to become the Flickr of cloud storage, so it is continuing to expand its presence in the lucrative enterprise space. Dropbox will retain its consumer business, but this week’s announcement of two new enterprise products has made its pivot toward B2B clear. Going forward, CEO Drew Houston said Dropbox will “be fundamentally designed for teams.”

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EU plan to unite the IoT

The IoT is supposed to connect everything, but it’s not going to work if it can’t connect with itself. A recognized shortcoming of today’s IoT is that its completely siloed development is preventing disparate services between companies, entities, and even within companies from communicating with each other, slowing the realization of the completely connected utopia. The EU is aiming to address these concerns and is commissioning a study to help move IoT forward. Aria Co-founder, CIO, and resident IoT expert sat on the introductory panel to offer his insight.

“With global IoT revenue expected to swell to $7.065B by 2020, proactive planning for its impact on both the corporate and social fabric is imperative,” said O’Brien. “I am both honored and excited to have been selected by the EU Commission to be among the vanguard of thinkers who are helping to lay the foundation for the monetization and adoption of IoT technologies across the EU and all over the world.”