A Guide to Recurring Revenue Success… Minus the BS

Happy 2015 and welcome to the New Year!

Regardless of the business or industry you’re in, there’s no doubt that a successful year is at the forefront of your strategy. And at the helm driving that success is revenue. But not just any kind of revenue… we’re talking recurring revenue. When an average of 80% of a company’s future profits comes from 20% of its existing customers, it’s a telling sign of where your focus should be. And if you’re like nearly 50% of U.S. businesses today, you’ve either already adopted or are planning to adopt a recurring revenue model in your business. If you haven’t, there’s no better time than now to do so.

But why recurring revenue? What’s wrong with your old legacy billing system? If your goal is expansion, these old billing systems can’t handle or support the growth required for increased usage-based businesses objectives and new subscription options. You need a more modern, sophisticated system that guarantees your success today and in the future.

Adopting a recurring revenue model is no simple feat – it’s a potentially multi-million dollar decision that could shape the trajectory and success of your company for years to come. You’re supposed to have questions about the process: What capabilities are needed for success? What software can handle the volume? How do you get started and get ahead of the competitors? How can you ensure this decision brings growth and success?

At Aria, we understand just how important the move to a recurring revenue business model is to the success of your company. That’s why we created The No BS Guide to Recurring Revenue Success. This guide aims to answer all your recurring revenue questions, from how to get started to how to measure for ongoing success, minus the BS of jargon and the run-around.

Take the first steps to recurring revenue success and download the guide today.

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