The Need for Analytics and Business Intelligence in a World of Data (Big and Small)

We live in a world of data, both big and small, and the way we process that and analyze that data is crucial to business. There was a time when business intelligence (BI) was another buzzword used to describe “the next big thing”. But beyond the term, the idea was just an empty shell – a large space with little context or research to fill it.

Today, the concept of business intelligence is much larger than its former shell. I recently read an article on BI and analytics that resonated so much I felt it was worth sharing and expanding on its premise here. The article, originally written by Tony Cosentino of Ventana Research, accurately states, “business intelligence has grown to include analytics, data discovery tools and big data capabilities to process huge volumes and new types of data faster.”

Ventana Research views BI as a technology designed to take business data and produce reports that inform businesses about the performance of activities people and processes. But that information itself is not enough – Cosentino points out that businesses also need “guidance on how to take advantage of opportunities, address issues and mitigate the risks of subpar performance.” Data is a critical part of understanding customer behaviors, usage, and patterns as its analysis is often the driving force behind decisions to make changes or additions to products, processes, and services. But that data becomes useful only when presented in context.

At Aria, we are constantly working on improving our product to meet the changing needs of our market and customers. Our long-term goals will focus on data, analytics, and optimization while providing a scalable platform for data extraction and preparation. By leveraging the specific reporting of certain business processes that are peppered with conditional formatting highlighting big changes in KPIs, Aria continues to help enterprises grow their recurring revenue.