The Internet of Things: It’s About Delivering Value

At Aria, we’ve been covering the Internet of Things (IoT) for years, even when most brushed it off as another tech buzzword destined for oblivion. IoT, however, proved to be the exact opposite. Today it continues to be the subject of many conversations and a driving force behind the explosion of new products and services, particularly in healthcare and technology.

There is a ton of great content on IoT’s impact, opportunities, and benefits. But like with any popular topic, there is also an unhealthy amount of content lacking purpose and relevance. As a company vested in IoT, we appreciate quality articles and conversations, which is why I want to share a post I came across from Advanced Technology Group (ATG), one of our partners.

ATG released an article aptly titled “The Internet of Things is All About Delivering Value”. IoT can greatly enhance your product catalog and grow your revenue, but only if it delivers value to your customers. According to ATG, “the key to selling IoT service is value, value, value” and the ability to communicate value “is the critical component to firms hoping to deliver on the promises of IoT.”


Here are a few more highlights from ATG’s article:

  • Ensure your client’s success. It’s important to gather the data, but it’s critical to show customers how to properly use that data in a way that delivers real value for their business.
  • Show the value in every step of the way. From the benefits of the widget to the business value of the solution, there needs to be a massive transition in the sales approach. Your solution must build, deliver, and communicate value throughout the entire IoT lifecycle.
  • Educate your customers and your team. The challenge for IoT solutions lies in educating the customer of IoT’s true business value. This requires the internal team to “clearly understand the entire ecosystem… [and] how their product fits into [it]” so they can demonstrate the value to customers.

When it comes to IoT, it’s not about the technology – it’s about the value derived from its products and services. Firms and companies in the IoT space must have deep industry knowledge in order to educate customers and successfully take them through the IoT journey and process.

The growth and adoption of IoT will affect every industry in some say or another. ATG reminds us that though the amount of data collected is mind blowing, “being able to process that data and drive something useful out of it are the keys to the kingdom.” Be prepared for it.

To link to the full ATG post, click here.