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Mobile Carriers Entering Protracted Pricing Battle
By: Owen Ray

Owen Ray

Whether you are down with Android or Apple, nearly every provider can sell you the device you need. If they don’t have it, you can drop the cash and BYOD. The service and coverage provided by major carriers are so close that you would be hard-pressed to tell the difference […]

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This Week in Monetization – President’s Day Edition
By: Owen Ray

Owen Ray

I’ve been told that I’m not allowed to open this post with a Donald Trump joke, so this just isn’t going to be as fun, easy, or rewarding as I was hoping. That means I’ll have to dig deep, so pardon the presidential puns. See, that was one right there! […]

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Bundling Products and Services for Recurring Revenue Success
By: Tom Dibble

Tom Dibble

Note: The article was originally published on Channel Partners. Bundling the right products and services is an effective way to create demand and boost recurring revenues. Before we get into specifics, let’s define what we mean by bundling and how it differs from, and relates to, another recurring revenue term, […]

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[INFOGRAPHIC]: 4 Pricing Tactics for the Recurring Revenue Business
By: Eileen Bernardo

Eileen Bernardo

Recurring revenue business models are increasingly popular as consumer preferences move toward subscription and usage-based billing options. When done right, the move to recurring revenue is highly successful. Just ask companies like Adobe and Netflix, who have already proven that recurring revenue models provide a variety of options for packing and repacking products and […]

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The Real Cost of Free Products and Services
By: Andres Botero

Andres Botero

As the old adage goes “There is no free lunch.” Many games and consumer apps today are sold via sexy “try before you buy” freemium models where the companies entice you with just enough functionality to hook you into paid versions that offer more storage, functionality, rewards, and other perks. […]

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Licensing and Pricing Strategies for the IoT
By: Omkar Munipalle

Omkar Munipalle Guest Author

The age of the Internet of Things (IoT) has dawned and we are heading toward a future filled with software-driven intelligent devices. To give you an idea of the magnitude of this transformation, IDC is predicting that there will be 30 billion units installed worldwide by the year 2020. Because […]

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The Forrester Wave: Subscription Billing Platforms, Q4 2015

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Recurring Revenue Management for Dummies

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