TaddleKids makes shopping for children a piece of cake

Being a parent is no easy task; there’s no doubt about it. In addition to the difficulties of feeding, bathing and watching a child nonstop, finding clothes that fit a growing infant is also challenge. By subscribing to TaddleKids, however, the clothing aspect of the parenting gig may be a little easier.

TaddleKids is a monthly subscription box with no contract and no commitment, meaning customers can drop from the service at any time. By answering questions to a baby profile survey, parents can find the right shirts, pants, socks and onesies for any occasion in any season without having to leave the comfort of their home.

While there are many subscription clothing services on the market, TaddleKids is unique in the sense that it will automatically change the size of the clothes in future months by monitoring how long specific customers have been subscribed to the service. If a child grows faster than usual, parents can always adjust their profiles accordingly to ensure they get properly fitting clothes.

TaddleKids is not the first subscription clothing service and it certainly won’t be the last. Companies like TaddleKids competing in the market should consider using a subscription management platform that will enable decision-makers to monitor customer activity to meet evolving demands.