T-post combines current events, art into monthly tees

In most cases, people read newspapers or magazines alone and keep their thoughts to themselves. In an effort to make news more public, T-post launched an innovative subscription service that converges real-life current events with hipster t-shirts.

T-post combines magazine news articles with unique tees, enabling consumers to publicize events in a creative and physical way. As the world’s first “wearable magazine,” subscribers can receive one t-shirt, or “issue,” along with a news piece in the mail every month.

Subscribing to the service costs 33 euros, or about $42, per month and is available to consumers in more than 50 countries. However, the subscription service limits sales to 5,000 customers a month, meaning individuals need to be early subscribers or they will need to wait until existing customers drop the service.

The topics for the tees and magazine articles are usually current events that are widely publicized. When the topics are investigated more deeply, however, the instances often raise philosophical questions as to how the global populace lives and thrives. T-post claims they are not trying to be political, but rather encourage individuals to think for themselves in ways outside the box.

T-post executives also have the unique ability to see how many monthly subscribers are active that month. In doing so, the company is able to be more green by only producing the number of tees in demand.

The subscription clothing market is gaining momentum; there’s no doubt about it. As companies like T-post continue to emerge and offer consumers unique products every month, decision-makers should consider leveraging an innovative subscription billing platform that may give companies an edge over the growing number of competitors.