Subscription Services We’re Thankful for in 2016


It’s that time of year where we take stock of everything we are thankful for. Friends, family, and health always top the list. A successful career usually falls in somewhere after that, and when we think about that at Aria, subscription services are naturally top of mind.

Last month, we asked Aria employees (and you) to take part a survey to get an idea of how people are using subscription services. The favorite and least favorite services don’t really come as a surprise, but we discovered some useful information along the way. Namely, that customer experience is likely the largest factor in a subscription service being a success. Now, onto the results!

Favorite Subscription Services of 2016

There’s a lot of evidence of cable-cutting here, as several OTT services (rather unsurprisingly) top the list. But there are a couple unexpected winners, too.

#1 – Netflix

Nobody is going to be blown away that Netflix was the clear winner in this survey. With over 75 million subscribers, there are a lot of fans out there. This summer, Netflix touted that its subscribers streamed 42.5 billion hours of programming in 2015. That’s about 4.7 million YEARS of TV. Time to get to the gym!

#2 – Amazon Prime

If it weren’t for Amazon Prime, we would all be binge-watching Orange is the New Black in threadbare pajamas on a TV with one working speaker while sitting on the floor eating scraps of chips from under the couch. Prime has revolutionized the way we shop and given us enough time to comfortably watch an entire season of House of Cards in one sitting.

#3 – Streaming Music

Finally tired of TV? Time for some tunes! There are a lot of services out there and there was no clear winner, but in total, music services found a well-deserved spot on the list. Top seating goes to iTunes, but only by one vote.

#4 – The Gym

Wait, what? This is probably the biggest shocker on the list. After watching TV and internet shopping for an entire day, one could easily be motivated to move a little bit and get a good workout in. This also helps explain the popularity of the music service.

#5 – Cable TV

Cable TV is another shocker on the list, given the industry’s propensity for abysmal customer service and ever-increasing cost. But not everyone has cut the cord as some people still prefer good-old channel flipping to binge watching, and sports fans still don’t have many viable all-sports-encompassing streaming options.

Honorable Mentions

Some of the stragglers that still made a showing include Dollar Shave Club, food subscriptions, baby supplies, and Hulu. Quite frankly, I am surprised that Hulu and DSC did not make a stronger showing.

Least Favorites Subscription Services of 2016

The least favorite list provided more surprises than the faves list, the biggest being the crossover between the two.

#1 – None

The biggest shocker is how happy everyone is with their subscription services. On a scale of 1-10, average satisfaction is a healthy seven. Many answered that they simply do not pay for subscription services that they don’t like. That means you treat your customer well, or they go elsewhere.

#2 – Cable TV

Cable companies usually top the “most hated companies” lists due to their absurdly bad customer service and ever-increasing prices. This is one of the crossovers—it made the favorites list and was only one vote behind being “entirely happy.”

#3 – The Gym

The other big winner/loser was the gym. The reason that it makes the least favorite list: underutilization. That is, our propensity to pay for it every month and only think about going there as we go to pick up snacks when the Amazon Prime delivery is late.