Subscription services are great for small businesses in niche markets

Small businesses that operate in niche markets often have to find innovative ways to keep their client base satisfied, because even a few lost customers could make or break a new company. Sometimes, all it takes to improve operations is a simple subscription payment service.

For example, Venture Beat reported on Los Angeles-based corporation Urban Remedy, a division of parent company Science that markets raw, organic juice. Recently, the business allowed its customers to sign up for automated recurring billing – for around $60 a day, patrons can have the juice of their choice delivered right to their door. The elixirs are purported to do everything from reversing age to improving memory and virility.

“Urban Remedy helps those with busy lifestyles who want to make healthy choices but just don’t have the time, and I think a great deal of people living the Internet lifestyle fit that bill completely,” Urban Remedy founder Neka Pasquale told the news source.

A recurring credit card payment is easier to manage than bundles of cash or checks, so customers are much happier subscribing for these types of offerings.