Subscription services aim to help companies manage geopolitical risk

Political risk is related to how government leaders, agencies, parties and factions execute their policies in regard to internal and external challenges. Many businesses in the United States don’t encounter too many of these issues unless they are international organizations, in which case decision-makers need to constantly be up to date with geopolitical risk assessments.

By subscribing to GeoPioneer, businesses can receive up-to-date geopolitical risk assessments for a little as $0.50 a day.

“Our clients are incredibly busy and they need daily geopolitical analysis that gives them the bottom line up front,” Corey Stutte, GeoPioneer‘s CEO and founder, said. “Cutting through the noise of emerging political, security, economic, social, information and infrastructure events and understanding how they impact their decisions is important to them.”

The service is offered through three models: a month-to-month payment plan for $15, a $37.50 quarterly model or an annual subscription for $120.

By subscribing to the service, GeoPioneer customers will have access to morning intelligence briefings, a monthly geopolitical risk index and an atlas that describes the risks associated with different regions. Businesses that subscribe to the service will also receive situational reports and a calendar, which describes things like presidential, parliamentary and legislative elections.

“We are very excited to offer this new subscription solution, which will make GeoPioneer’s geopolitical analysis available to a wider audience,” Stuttle said. “In today’s fast paced world, it is important to understand the risks that can impact investors and organizations and we have developed a platform that provides concise analysis to inform their decisions.”

By leveraging a subscription management platform, companies like GeoPioneer can supervise customer relations more effectively, enhancing customer satisfaction and giving way to new recurring revenue opportunities.