Subscription commerce targets healthy lifestyles

Subscription services have recently become more popular in the consumer market and, as a result, have helped companies expand their customer bases by offering sample packages delivered to customer doorsteps. Subscription commerce companies come in all shapes and sizes and cover a wide range of products, including everything from pet grooming to men’s or women’s apparel.

Services that offer healthcare-related products have also become increasingly popular for online, subscription offerings. This is especially true for dieting and healthy eating packages as more companies participate in America’s ongoing battle with obesity. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than one-third of U.S. adults are obese, increasing the chances of heart disease, stroke and type-2 diabetes throughout the nation.

Health products come in a variety of forms

A new subscription service called KLUTCHclub sends out a themed box of products every month centered on holistic health, wellness products and fitness. By providing customers with weight-loss teas, organic fish oil and energy bars, the organization is trying to motivate customers to engage in a more healthy lifestyle.

The monthly box offers products from a variety of brands, allowing individuals to pick and choose which items will complement their weight-loss or healthy-living goals. Each gift box is valued at more than $50 but only costs subscribers $18 for a single KLUCTHbox or $16 per month for a year subscription.

By leveraging a SaaS subscription management platform, lifestyle companies that launch a subscription based business can better manage their customer plans and promotions, while generating predictable, recurring revenue.

Don’t forget about the food

While some subscription commerce companies focus on healthy activities like exercising and weight loss, others have a more basic focus: food.

Real Food Works, for example, is a greater Philadelphia-based meal subscription service that aims to help local chefs make culinary dishes that are not only tasty but healthy as well. In a unique manner, Real Food Works offers customers the ability to participate in a pilot program before committing to the service. For $75 per week, individuals can receive five elegant and health-conscientious entrees delivered to their door. The Ultimate plan, on the other hand, costs $200 per week but provides three meals a day, every day.

As more subscription commerce companies emerge in the healthy living market, they will be able to better distinguish themselves from competitors by leveraging innovative subscription billing platforms to help boost customer service and increase brand loyalty.