Subscription clothing services becoming more popular across the United States

Clothes shopping might be considered a hassle for some men, as it often requires a time-consuming trip a mall or shopping center. However, companies adopting a subscription commerce model and offering clothing services are making it easier for customers to purchase shirts, shoes and accessories from the comfort of their homes.

Web-based subscription services have simplified the process of shopping for new outfits. Options designed exclusively for men give them the chance to fill their wardrobes through subscription-based offerings.

The Wall Street Journal reports that has recently reaped the rewards of this type of offering. Trunk Club provides a unique service to customers with a trial-and-error approach.

How does Trunk Club work?
Signing up for Trunk Club gives men access to their own stylist. Subscribers simply need to complete a questionnaire when they enroll in the monthly service, and will receive clothing that fits their tastes.

This online retailer’s vast selection has helped it thrive since its launch. However, the service also features no upfront costs, which has made it a viable option for many customers.

While Trunk Club has gained a firm hold on this market, other companies offer additional options to consumers.

A look at subscription clothing service alternatives
OutfitEZ takes a different approach with its offerings, and it has been a comfortable fit so far. This company offers has a subscription offering, with customers being charged between $50 and $150 plus shipping for quarterly shipments.

Additionally, OutfitEZ emphasizes collections to fulfill its customers orders. Subscribers will typically receive a shipment every three months that contains specific items, and popular choices include the golf collection and interview kit. This allows the company to tailor its service to the seasonal needs of its clients, the news source notes.

When subscribers are ready for new varieties of clothing, they might want to consider Bombfell. This web-based merchant sends customers a single item each month for a set price of $69, regardless of the shipment.

Bombfell emphasizes a mission to give guys access to an extensive selection of girlfriend-approved clothing. First-time visitors are required to answer questions relating to their physical features, which helps the business provide top-notch support. Customers have the opportunity to skip a month at any time with Bombfell, as the company is a commitment-free clothing supplier.