Subscription candle box appeals to all candle lovers

Candles can be used in a number of situations, ranging from setting a romantic mood to covering up the smell of old garbage in your apartment. Whatever the reason is that consumers demand a candle, subscribing to Candle Voyage can help.

Candle Voyage recently unveiled a new subscription-based curated box, providing customers with a mix of scented candles based on their unique input.

“In an industry dominated by a few large corporations, it is really hard for small artisan producers who make awesome handmade candles with love to get their candles onto retail store shelves where passionate candle lovers can easily find them,” said Peter Madara, co-founder of Candle Voyage.

Each Candle Voyage box contains three full-size and three sample-sized candles. Customers have several subscription models to choose from, including a monthly plan with recurring payments costing less than $28 per month. Individuals can also subscribe to bi-monthly or quarterly plans, which cost about $29 and $30 per month, respectively.

“Candle Voyage is a win-win for artisan candle makers and candle lovers,” Madara said. “We help artisan candle makers reach customers they would never have easily reached and we help candle lovers effortlessly discover unique fragrant candles they would never have found in store shelves.”

Companies providing similar curated boxes are emerging in a variety of different sections of retail, and, as a result, the subscription commerce market is on the rise. As the competition grows increasingly fierce among these startups, decision-makers should consider leveraging an innovative subscription management platform, which provides managers with real-time insight into consumer activity. In doing so, executives can change operations on the fly to appeal to evolving client demands.