Subscription-based online service delivers manly packages to clients

Ecommerce startup Bespoke Post is a subscription-based service aimed at men that sends its customers a unique set of products every month. For a monthly $45 fee, subscribers receive a themed “box of the month” that contains full-sized products ranging from shaving kits to high-end Japanese cocktail sets, valued at around $70, according to a report by TechCrunch.

Subscribers also have the ability to view upcoming boxes and choose to opt out of a specific purchase if they don’t like what it contains.

While there are currently a large number of competitors in the field of subscription-based product packages, most services targeted specifically at men are trapped in a niche market, like grooming or clothing. Since Bespoke Post offers a wide variety of goods, cofounder Rishi Prabhu believes his company will be successful in the coming years, TechCrunch noted.

“There’s a big opportunity in the curated space for men and brands think so, too,” Prabhu said, according to the news provider.

By leveraging a subscription billing and management platform, ecommerce companies can easily provide customers with access to a wide range of unique products and services, on a regular basis.