Subscription apparel company targets the lazy male dresser

Subscription commerce startup Bombfell has taken on the project of making lazy men look stylish. While there are a number of new companies offering subscription services to men, Bombfell is taking a different approach than most of its competition.

Rather than requiring subscribers to pay a monthly fee or shipping costs, individuals tell Bombfell how much they are willing to spend and representatives will find high-quality clothes in their inventory – including brand name products like Ben Sherman and French Connection – that match individual price ranges. Customers also only have to pay for the clothes they keep, easily exchanging and returning unwanted apparel.

The business model is also different from other organizations, as Bombfell gives customers 10 calendar days to try on shirts, pants and other attire before being charged or asked to return any unwanted clothes. If no items are sent back within those 10 days, Bombfell associates will simply assume the customer likes the products and will bill them accordingly.

By leveraging a subscription management and billing platform, organizations like Bombfell can easily track and customize individual product plans, ensuring optimum customer satisfaction.