Subscribe to personal grooming

While subscription services are traditionally associated with magazines, newspapers, cable and television services and other media companies, businesses are beginning to widen their net on what constitutes a possible subscription service. For these same retailers, this provides not only a source of recurring revenues that comes in every week, month or quarter, but also a loyal customer base. Being able to show figures that demonstrate exactly how many subscribers they have is one strong indication of how popular the company is among its customers. One retail sector that is beginning to see an advent of subscription services is in the men’s personal grooming industry, where several companies have recently migrated to this unique product delivery system, according to Valet Mag.

At Bench and Loom, customers can pick from a wide selection of high-end toiletries and undergarments. Shopping through various segments of hair, face and body cleaning products, as well as underwear and undershirts, shoppers can pick and choose as many items as they want and when they would like to receive them. While consumers have the option of making it a one time thing, similar to doing online shopping at a pharmacy, Bench and Loom offers the chance to schedule regular deliveries. Users who know they need new hair gel or face moisturizer once every two months can schedule their deliveries in this way. The bonus is having new underwear delivered to you, a product that male shoppers are less likely to remember to buy on a regular basis. For maximum convenience to customers, the company makes it easy to pause, modify or stop the deliveries at any time. Based on the complexity of different types of offerings – with single-transaction items, recurring items, and the ability to modify or stop specific deliveries – top quality subscription management software can help companies like Bench and Loom manage the variety of subscription solutions and options.

Personal grooming delivery company Svbscription operates on a very different scale altogether. With subscriptions that cost $300 per quarter or $1,110 per year, consumers receive a parcel of products put together by the company every three months. What separates this from other men’s grooming subscription services is the company’s focus on a theme at each delivery. The July parcel focused on travel and featured high-end travel-sized toiletries, a leather passport holder and a copy of a travel magazine. While the high costs may put off some customers, jet-setting businessmen with little time to think about such details might appreciate the regular delivery of fresh content and new items. Companies offering this type of high-end offering should consider using a cloud based subscription billing system to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.