Style and Beauty via Subscription

Style and Beauty via Subscription

Growing up around five boys (my brother and four cousins), I was destined to be a tomboy. I played with Ninja Turtles instead of Barbie dolls. I wore t-shirts and climbed trees. I cried when I was forced to wear dresses. I didn’t discover my flat iron until I was well into high school (we’re life-long best friends now). And I continue to favor jeans and hooded sweatshirts over anything else in my wardrobe. While I’d like to think that I now have myself a bit more together (as far as being feminine goes), I still struggle in the world of beauty products.

One of my best friends has introduced me to the world of beauty subscription boxes. Speaking on behalf of all people that get overwhelmed when they step into an Ulta or a Sephora, this is a little piece of heaven wrapped up in an adorable box that arrives once a month in the mail. The way it works is that you visit the web site, fill out a beauty profile (a selection of your needs and wants as far as products go) and, for a mere $10 a month, you receive sample sizes of products that fit your profile. For example, I have hair that requires taming (I’ve already mentioned my BFF), so I would select hair products that would fulfill those needs, and since I prefer eye shadow over lipstick, I would then nix the lipstick category completely.

This is so beneficial for many reasons. The first is that most of these products are always sold in normal-sized containers that can be very pricey. Quality hand lotion can run upwards of $25 to $50. If I want to try a product from a traditional retailer and end up not liking it for one reason or another, I’ve wasted all that cash. This service also introduces me to products that I would have never picked up, or even looked at, while trying to find my way out of the maze that is a beauty supply store.

This monthly subscription assists tremendously in my journey to achieve “typical feminine woman” status. Not only is it awesome to regularly get fun stuff in the mail, they allow me to safely explore a world that I’m afraid to step foot in, let alone loosen my wallet for. Shampoos, lotions, makeup, and fancy cleansers are all investment items, and everyone wants their buck to stretch as far as possible. Now only if there was a subscription service to help me get over my fear of my curling iron (we’re more like “frenemies”), my quest towards normalcy would be even easier.

Cristina Truitt, Aria Systems

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