Sony offers discounts for online entertainment subscribers

Sony Online Entertainment gives gamers the opportunity to explore a wide selection of multiplayer online games. While this company has served its users for over a decade, those interested in finally signing up for a subscription to some of its popular titles could receive a discount if they act soon.

According to Gaming Examiner, Sony will offer a 25 percent discount to users who agree to a multi-month subscription to games including Everquest, Everquest II and DC Universe Online between July 18, 2012, and July 23, 2012. This announcement coincides with the release of new content in the aforementioned titles during Comic Con, as Sony seeks new ways to attract consumers to its online gaming options.

Users will have the chance to embark on massive, web-based adventures with friends from across the globe if they sign up for a subscription.

Businesses like Sony that offer subscription products and services should consider leveraging a subscription billing and management platform.  With this type of innovative technology, companies can more easily enhance their plan and pricing strategies, which can help them maximize their revenue and increase customer loyalty.