Sony launches subscription music service in Japan

Sony recently unveiled the release of its new subscription music service, Music Unlimited, in Japan. The subscription service was initially launched in 2010 for consumers in the U.K. and Ireland before shifting to North America and other parts of Europe. Now Music Unlimited is available in 17 countries around the world.

“Innovative technologies have changed and diversified people’s lifestyles as well as the way they enjoy music,” Sony Music Entertainment Japan CEO Naoki Kitagawa said. “We hope that even more people can enjoy our music in novel ways through new offerings like Music Unlimited.”

Similar to Pandora and other streaming music applications, Music Unlimited allows users to “like” and “dislike” songs. By using advanced analytics, the service caters to subscriber demands and plays the most compatible songs from its cloud-based library of more than 10 million songs.

The proliferation of subscription commerce companies is changing a variety of industries, and music distribution is no exception. By deploying a subscription billing and management platform, companies looking to develop unique music streaming services can quickly customize individual models.