SiriusXM unveils new subscription plan

In an effort to enhance subscriber experience and satisfaction, Sirius XM Canada recently unveiled its "Best Of" subscription packages, which provide customers with more content, greater control over their subscriptions and a better listening experience.

"With the launch of our Best Of programming, SiriusXM subscribers will now be able to access premium content from both Sirius and XM platforms," said Mark Redmond, President and CEO, SiriusXM Canada. "Our combined subscriber base has been waiting for this exciting benefit since the SiriusXM Canada merger and we're excited to be able to offer the best of both services with Premier programming. This new offering will significantly enhance and extend our subscribers’ entertainment experience."

By subscribing to Sirius and XM premier models, Sirius customers will be able to access premium XM content including NHL, NBA and PGA channels, while XM clients can add exclusive Sirius content like Howard Stern and NFL games. Each subscription uses a recurring payment plan, which charges customers just under than $20 per month, which is only $4 more than the cost of a non-premium program.

Additionally, the new SiriusXM Internet Radio will have a new design and provide customers with access to new features, including artist biographies and album art. The platform can also be accessed via next-generation smartphones and tablets, as technical updates provided the service with improved performance over cellular networks.

The introduction of another subscription program suggests that SiriusXM, among other companies, is experiencing positive growth from deploying the subscription business model. As a result, more organizations are likely to follow suit, making it more important than ever that decision-makers leverage an innovative subscription billing and management platform to enhance operations.