Simplify and Win

In my last post, I talked about how companies get stuck with SaaS vendors that cannot handle business complexity. I just read about Amazon who has just released its virtual private cloud (VPC) on Amazon Web Services (AWS). This means, using the network they already have, enterprise customers can easily create their own private clouds using AWS. Amazon is one of those cloud companies that has mastered the art of applying a robust but simple-to-use solution to a complex business problem. Simplicity is the key whereby technology adoption is directly proportional to the ease of its use.

I am proud to be working in a company whose mission aligns with this kind of thinking. Aria Systems has a SaaS billing platform unlike many of its competitors because Aria’s legacy has been solving business complexity for large enterprises. Continuing this tradition, Aria’s recent innovation solves the complexities of billing in a wholesale channel environment. Channel billing has been traditionally a complex and disjointed process for enterprises. Aria’s billing platform simplifies channel billing by “templatizing” the entire channel creation and management process. The module not only allows enterprises to bill their distributors and reseller for the products they resell,  it also allows enterprises to charge their channel partners for the usage of the billing system, essentially enabling a true billing-as-a-service (BaaS) model. And it enables all this functionality being on the cloud. I think this is a great example of simplifying business complexity. Aria’s customers already love it!

–  Shashi Kedilaya, Aria Systems

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