SaaS Enables Business Collaboration Like Never Before

By Derek Choy, VP of Engineering

These days, more companies are offering product bundles to create the best value for their customers. Traditionally, bundling has been limited to intra-company products, like Comcast’s Triple Play which provides TV, Internet and phone service in a single package. Despite the subscription billing challenges that come with offering these types of bundles, companies are able to offer significantly higher value to their customers.

The next obvious step in today’s increasingly competitive landscape is inter-company bundling. However this comes with an additional level of complexity as integrating multiple, traditional on-premise billing solutions takes months if not years, making fast deployment impossible. SaaS solutions solve this by hosting billing data in the cloud under a multi-tenanted infrastructure, so product bundles can be configured in the system – no need for massive customization and integration.

Imagine if NetFlix and AT&T Wireless decided to partner to offer AT&T customers the ability to more easily watch movies on their mobile devices. Now imagine the time it would take to integrate their individual, on-premise – and most likely proprietary – billing solutions for a joint-product bundle. I imagine this would NOT be a rapid deployment!

Issues such as long implementation times and high costs of BSS/OSS systems often limit the way businesses collaborate.  SaaS solutions like the Aria Billing Platform use industry-standard, web-based technologies to integrate subscription billing systems, enabling multiple companies to easily and quickly bundle their offerings – and collaborate like never before.