Rowster New American Coffee looks to grow through subscription service

Nearly everyone likes coffee, especially on cold winter mornings. While there are a lot of local coffee shops that brew their own blends, it is unusual for these companies to branch out of their little geographical niches and reach people around the country. This annoyed the creators of Rowster New American Coffee, so they came up with their own subscription coffee service called Regular Coffee, according to a report by The Rapidian.

“This project has grown out of our love for great coffee – which has been our fuel for Rowster – and our frustration with the inability to easily share it with people around the country,” said Stephan Curtis, vice president of Regular Coffee.

Rowster New American Coffee pays top prices for high-quality coffee beans grown on local farms throughout the country and, as a result, has developed a small niche, unlike major coffee companies like Starbucks that may sacrifice quality for quantity so they can appeal to the mass market. The growing demand for subscription services has given Rowster a new opportunity to provide customers around the United States with high-quality coffee through their new Regular Coffee brand.

“It’s like a magazine subscription but [for] coffee,” said Justin Dewaard, a member of Rowster’s barista team, according to The Rapidian.

As more companies realize how deploying a subscription model can expand their businesses around the country, the market for services similar to Regular Coffee will likely grow more competitive. As a result, decision-makers should consider implementing an innovative subscription billing and management platform capable of providing real-time visibility into customer activity, letting executives make adjustments to keep clients happy.