Roku, One Singular Sensation

image001This weekend’s Techcrunch article on Roku touted their “improbable” rise to the streaming player market.  Competing against heavy weights like Apple and Google nobody has given them much of a chance but they’ve done more than survive—they have thrived.  According to the article, last fall when Google’s Chromecast went on sale Roku sales weren’t diminished but actually grew by 60 percent. Thrive indeed.

While Apple and Google have spread themselves across hardware, software, mobile, streaming and wearable markets Roku has carved out a pretty lucrative niche by staying focused on their mission: making it easy to enjoy the hottest movies, shows, music and games on your TV.  It’s not just a line from their website, it’s their entire business. Millions are (literally) buying it.

And therein lies an important lesson for would-be entrepreneurs.

– Parker