Rocks Box subscription service delivers jewels to your door

Following the emerging trend of experimental subscription models, San Francisco-based Rocks Box recently launched a new service to deliver designer jewelry right to the doors of fashionistas around the United States on a monthly subscription basis.

The service offers a unique take on jewelry shopping. Rather than stepping into a jewelry store and hovering over cases of necklaces, rings and bracelets, Rocks Box customers simply fill out an online form detailing their personal styles and preferences. Based on the customer’s answers and subscription type, Rocks Box will then send up to three items per month, with designs ranging from simple bracelets and earrings to cocktail rings and statement necklaces.

“Jewelry is easy to ship and return, it’s one size fits all (with the exception of rings), and women are willing to experiment with new boutique and designer pieces,” Rocks Box founder Meaghan Rose told VentureBeat.

Customers are welcome to keep their pieces for up to 60 days, after which they will be automatically billed for the items at 20 percent off the retail price. Subscribers can also choose to keep the pieces at any time for the reduced membership price. According to VentureBeat, customers typically purchase one or more of their items about 15 percent of the time.

Rocks Box currently offers two subscription options: a month-to-month service for $19 per month and an annual service for $119 per year. Each service delivers up to three items per month, with the annual subscription offering a slight discount.

As VentureBeat reports, Rocks Box isn’t the only company currently offering subscription-based jewelry delivery services, as it is joined by the likes of Lucid Box and Jewelmint. Businesses that leverage cloud based subscription management solutions can better manage customer activity, enabling them to optimize their offerings and increase customer satisfaction.