Receive cool, bold socks on a monthly basis with Sock Panda

Whether heading to work, going for a run or simply meeting up with friends, having cool socks is a must in today’s society. Ankle socks are no longer cool but tall socks are not necessarily hip, either. So what’s a hipster consumer to do?

Fortunately, subscription service Sock Panda can help. For only $11 a pair per month, individuals can subscribe to a monthly service that delivers cool socks in the mail.

The service caters to both men and women, as individuals can choose male socks, which fit men’s shoe sizes eight to 12, or female-oriented socks, which fit women’s shoe sizes five to 10. Subscribers also have two models to choose from: “bold socks” that have wild and fun designs meant to stick out in a crowd, or “cool socks” that are creative but aren’t too flashy.

By working with already established sock companies, Sock Panda can guarantee each pair is of high-quality and will last a long time.

As the market for clothing subscription services becomes more crowded, companies like Sock Panda will need to find ways to differentiate themselves from rivals. By using an innovative subscription management platform, decision-makers can gather unique insight into customer activity to gain a distinct advantage over the competition.