A Practical Guide for the Recurring Revenue Practitioner

No BS NEWAs a marketing executive, I’ve seen my fair share of collateral: overviews, PPTs, ebooks, whitepapers, surveys, Slideshares and product documents. Admittedly, we marketers are often guilty of producing stuff that is heavy on the sell and light on insight and instruction. And while this is great for the occasional comparison shopper, it’s not so hot for many of you who are just getting your feet wet in the recurring revenue waters.

Today, we look to change that. For those that want a deeper dive than the usual marketing document provides, we published the No BS Guide to Recurring Revenue Success. The guide looks to help IT and financial executives better plan for their recurring revenue initiatives.

To do this we commissioned Bob Harden, who provides lessons learned from years of actual recurring revenue implementations, including programs and initiatives launched at leading enterprise companies. In this guide he hopes to “help practitioners consider the impact of recurring revenue across the entire enterprise…(so) they can move forward with confidence and pragmatic knowledge based on deep experience.”

The 77-page primer is both comprehensive and an easy read with helpful quotes, case studies and pull-outs to give you insight into what it takes to get started (or to expand) your recurring revenue business.

In the guide Bob looks at:

  • Why companies are rushing to adopt recurring revenue models
  • What business and system capabilities are needed to support this new business model
  • What elements are necessary for success in a recurring revenue implementation program
  • How recurring revenue changes the way one looks at data and measures success
  • Whether to buy or build and what to look for in a vendor
  • Practical steps needed to get started
  • What the future holds for recurring revenue

This guide delves into the real questions that need to be asked and the trade-offs that need to be considered before you venture down a wrong path or get stuck in an avoidable rathole.

In the end, our goal was to offer something different than what’s currently available: a fresh perspective, with practical, no-nonsense insight. I hope you enjoy it but more than that, I hope you find it useful. Let me know what you think.

The guide is free. To download, click here: http://info.ariasystems.com/recurring-revenue-nobs-guide.html