POPSUGAR launches monthly ‘Must Have’ bag subscription program

POPSUGAR is an online resource that helps women of all ages with fashion tips, designs and products. Now the company is taking its advisory practices one step further and offering multiple subscription services to loyal readers.

“For over five years, our editors and I have been reporting about our monthly must haves. Now we will curate the very best in home, fashion and beauty and send them right to your door,” POPSUGAR co-founder Lisa Sugar said. “Imagine getting an awesome surprise present every month, full of fun products for you to enjoy!”

Subscribers will receive customized POPSUGAR “Must Have” bags each month filled with a variety of products and valued at more than $150.

Customers have the choice of four subscription plans, including a monthly $35 service that can be cancelled at any time. Individuals can also choose a three-month, six-month or one-year plan for $95, $190 or $380, respectively.

Similar subscription services are being launched by companies ranging over a number of industries. Decision-makers are realizing that implementing a subscription commerce model gives them a unique opportunity to build a loyal customer base while generating predictable, recurring revenue.