Pop-up Pantry caters to hungry customers at home, in their office

Today’s society is extremely fast paced and requires individuals to work long hours day in and day out. This often leads to unhealthy eating habits, such as regularly dining at fast-food restaurants or eating microwaveable meals because they are more affordable and convenient.

To combat these poor tendencies, Los Angeles-based startup Pop-up Pantry is a new subscription commerce company aimed at meeting the demands of food lovers around the country. Pop-up Pantry delivers high-quality, three-course meals designed and cooked by the finest chefs, according to a report by TechCrunch.

“The experience was fab. Really nice portion size,” one New Jersey couple told Pop-up Pantry. “We thoroughly enjoyed the chef curated meals with our favorite wines by candlelight.”

The gourmet dinners are mailed to subscribers and feed up to two people. The three-course meals start at $17 per person and after a first order, individuals can choose from a variety of subscription offerings that can be as small as two dinners per month. If customers don’t like the food or the service, they can cancel at any time.

According to TechCrunch, the startup subscription company launched its offerings in April 2012 and has been meeting hungry customer demands ever since. By taking a quick quiz, Pop-up Pantry is able to establish what types of food specific customers are looking for and where they want the meals to be delivered – to a home or the office.

“So easy and delicious! We devoured every last crumb and I look forward to my next order,” a subscriber from Maryland told Pop-up Pantry.

By leveraging a subscription management platform, companies like Pop-up Pantry can better manage customer activity, enabling them to optimize their offerings and increase customer satisfaction.